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CREDAI demands single window clearance system to speed up approval processes

by Team Presidency

Posted on: Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Real estate industry body, CREDAI, has demanded for a single window clearance system, to speed up the approval processes. “McKinsey has said in its report to the Government of India that delays in approval processes alone increase sale value of houses by 40%,” said CREDAI in its press release.

The industry body has also taken up the issue of confusion caused by varying instructions from state and central government.

“The various Central and State Government Departments are issuing directives in isolation,” said the release issued by CREDAI, “For instance, the Environment Ministry issued Building Approval guidelines authorising its Committees to link the height of a building to its distance from a Fire Station, though the Ministry is neither the technical nor the administrative head of Fire Safety issues! Such arbitrary exercise of power by MoEF has crippled the sector due to approval delays, adding to costs” Delays due to multi level clearances, from almost 40 agencies, takes almost as long as 18 months.

Source: The Economic Times, Mumbai


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